IWK Goldbloom Research and Clinical Care Pavilion

DRKR Architects Ltd.
Year Completed:

Beauty and function come together in this spectacular $20-million addition to the IWK Health Centre, consisting of a six-level parking garage, a 64,000 square foot, five-level research facility and an elegant galleria constructed between the existing hospital and the new research wing.

The parking garage is constructed from pre-cast concrete and consists of double-tee sections spanning 56 feet to provide large open areas to maximize useable space. The research wing is constructed using a cast-in-place concrete, two-way structural slab system. The galleria consists of a massive open space complete with suspended walkways between the existing hospital and the research wing and is framed with structural steel and enclosed with glass walls and skylights.

BMR applied experience and expertise in supporting a 65-foot wall of concave glazing that encompasses the research wing and galleria.  Precast concrete was chosen as the ideal material for the parking garage, as it withstands the corrosive environment resulting from salt-laden vehicles. The elevator and stairwell shafts, which were constructed with cast-in-place concrete walls, act as shear walls for the building and transfer lateral forces from wind and earthquakes down to the foundation.