For us, innovation, responsiveness and quality are more than corporate aspirations and ideals—they’re values we bring to every single project, from buildings to bridges, from tunnels to treatment plants.

Our insight is also proven through feasibility and cost studies, construction supervision and contract administration, failure investigations, and load tests. And regardless of the task, our experts understand the essential nature of our business: deliver on-time and on-budget. That’s the advantage of working with professionals as efficient as they are innovative.

That’s the strength of experience.


With Fifty years of experience, BMR delivers unparalleled structural and civil engineering services throughout Atlantic Canada.

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Our Services

At BMR, we turn complex building designs into realities. From the traditional to the innovative, our engineering solutions enable clients to ‘think big’ - knowing that BMR will overcome the challenges they face. Architects, contractors, developers and owners alike continue to rely on BMR and the numerous services we provide.

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Our Staff

The only way you can lay claim to delivering the ‘strength of experience’ is through your people. At BMR, we never lose sight that the knowledge and skill of our people is our defining factor.

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