DRDC Atlantic Recapitalization of Building 1

DSRA Architecture
Year Completed:

The DRDC (Defence Research and Development Canada) Atlantic campus is located at 9 Grove Street in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and totals over 120,000 square feet in size. Building 1, constructed in the 1950’s, is the main laboratory at DRDC Atlantic and contains over half of the total floor space on site.  This building will be demolished to make way for the new construction.


This project will redevelop the DRDC Atlantic campus by constructing a new building of approximately 94,000 (ft2) in size on what is now the main parking lot.  This new building will provide a modern facility capable of supporting world-leading expertise and research for the next forty years.  It will consist of a combination of laboratory and research space, office space, workshops, secure computing areas, storage and common areas (such as meeting and conference rooms).


The main building will be framed with structural concrete consisting of structural concrete slabs, columns and shear walls.  The penthouse and heavy equipment lab will be structural steel consisting of steel beams, columns and open web steel joists.