Dauphinee Centre - Saint Mary's University

DSRA Architecture
Year Completed:

BMR is the lead structural engineer for the new 36,000 square foot arena located on the campus of Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Slated for completion in 2019 and built to replace the aging former rink as well as provide an enhanced varsity experience for Saint Mary’s student athletes, this modernized facility includes:

  • 850 seat arena & NHL-size rink
  • Varsity & general dressing amenities
  • Barrier-free amenities
  • Warming lounge & canteen

The facility consists of a structural steel frame complete with insulated concrete wall panels around the exterior envelope all supported on a reinforced concrete foundation system. The large, open arena space required long-span structural steel trusses be incorporated into the roof design to provide a completely unobstructed view of the rink. Second level concourse framing consists of composite concrete slabs supported on a combination of structural steel beams, open-webbed steel joists, and load-bearing masonry walls. A system of structural steel raker beams were designed to support a series of precast concrete bleachers for the arena seating. Laterally, the building diaphragms were designed the resist wind and seismic loads through a series of structural steel braces and concrete wall panels. To integrate the new facility into the existing campus, a structural steel pedway was designed to connect the new arena with the Homburg Centre for Health and Wellness.

Phased in multiple tender packages, BMR’s dedicated and experienced team is contributing to a successful outcome for the project’s many stakeholders and helping the Huskies get back to playing on campus next season.

Key Points

  • Long-span structural steel roof trusses designed to accommodate the arena design
  • Insulated exterior concrete wall panels for increased energy efficiency
  • Bleacher support system and rink slab design included for arena portion of the building
  • Structural steel pedway linking new arena with Homburg Centre for Health & Wellness
  • Meticulous coordination required for successful completion