Cobequid Health Centre

FBM Architecture & Interior Design
Year Completed:

This 126,000 square foot healthcare facility is providing space for an Emergency Department, Ambulatory Care, Physiotherapy, and Diagnostic Imaging, as well as Mental Health/Addiction Services, Community Services, and Clinics. Brought together under one roof, these associated departments of modern health care bring specialists and outreach facilities into a single location for easier access by the community.

The building is a two-story structure with an additional partial basement and a mechanical penthouse. The second floor is framed using a two-way, cast-in-place reinforced concrete slab while the main roof structure is constructed of a steel deck supported on open-webbed steel joists and a structural steel frame.

The exterior cladding on the building consists of a combination of glass curtain-wall, metal siding, and non load-bearing, site cast, tilt-up concrete panels. The front of the building is elegantly curved with an extensive canopy sweeping around the building. An eighty-foot high structural steel tower is located at the rear of the building to enable exhaust stacks from boilers and generators to rise high above the building, ensuring the exhaust does not re-enter the building through the air intake louvers.

Key Points

  • Integrated structural steel framing system supporting exterior glazing & wall panels
  • Challenging design & detailing for large curved canopy along front elevation
  • Public healthcare project requiring careful coordination under tight timelines with many stakeholders