Casino Nova Scotia

Casino Nova Scotia
Year Completed:
Casino Nova Scotia

For visitors, Casino Nova Scotia is a first class entertainment facility located on the gorgeous Halifax waterfront. For the engineering team at BMR, it’s seen as a complex series of engineering feats, and it remains one of the most challenging projects in the company’s history.

Innovation was required right from the beginning. Because the land was too soft – years earlier, the site was in-filled with loose rock and excavation material – we needed to create a stable foundation. This was achieved by driving caissons through the fill material and into the firm bedrock below. Then, using a specially designed doughnut-shaped pile cap as a support system, BMR assisted with the form work contractor in hanging the casino’s floor structure on the supporting caissons, similar to a large wharf.

Next, to protect from the cold air and water of the harbour below it, we designed a floor system to support several layers of insulation sandwiched between heating slabs. The floor had to be especially strong to support an assortment of gaming equipment, as well as the heavy carts that travel between slot machines and tables. It also had to contain a system of wiring ducts to connect the slots to a main control panel. The end result? A multi-use entertainment showpiece that is both functional and beautiful, with hardly an outward hint of its complex design. For BMR, that’s a ‘big win.’

Key Points

  • Enormous structural and environmental challenges
  • High-profile example of BMR's engineering expertise
  • Features custom-designed floor system